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A woman filed a passion!


Full name: Regina de Toledo Guimarães Vaz

Professional name: Regina Vaz

Personal Name:

Date of Birth: September 8, 1965

Zodiac: Virgo

Height: 5'7"

Weight: 132,28

Footwear: 37

Day or Night: Night

Colour: Black and White

How to take care: Bodybuilding, lymphatic drainage, skin cleansing, psychoanalysis, healthy diet and plenty of water!

A pleasant situation: family reunion

Good memories of international travel: Caribbean

Good memories of a national trip: Fernando de Noronha

Affection like to receive: Kisses and hugs son Rodrigo and nephews

Body part most like him: Colo and hair

Body part most like in a man: Eyes and Mouth

Pride: My family

Repentance: Insist on affective wrong

Irresistible Vices: Chocolate

Gift that likes to give: All

Present you like to receive: Anything makes me happy

Hobby: Chat and meet friends for long conversations

Food: Japanese

Movie: Pretty Woman, Men of Honor

Sunglasses: Cartier

Perfume: Prada

Music: Tudo que se quer (Emílio Santiago e Verônica Sabino)

Favorite Singer: Daniel and Roberto Carlos

Handsome man: Reynaldo Gianecchini

Pretty Woman: Luma de Oliveira

Love of my life: My son Rodrigo

Sin: Talking too much

Goal: To transmit my knowledge to as many people

Longing: my dear brother Renato.

Special Date: My Birthday

Proverb: If a person can, I can and so can you!

Pet: My dog Bud

Profession: Businesswoman, author, speaker, consultant, mother and homemaker.

Craze: Perfumes

Work: Worklover

Love: People who do good

I hate: Lies and Betrayal

Council: first take care of you - "oxygen masks will fall, first put your" - in order to help others.

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