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A woman filed a passion!


Regina Vaz: a woman filed a passion!

See the world through the eyes of a scientist's life and hear with the ears of a poet!

It is a vibrant woman, cheerful and devoid of evil intentions. Extremely determined, optimistic, but very realistic.

Emotionally strong; always acts so determined and focused. He loves challenges and has a taste for fighting. It is not bound to irrelevant details, prefers dreaming big ideals and they fight hard. Idealist is the extreme.

Extremely insightful in its arguments, like mastering the knowledge for the activities of their interest.

It has quick wit, is very intelligent and well articulated. Puts emotion into everything he does.

By being very picky and perfectionist with your team and yourself, strive and charges too.

With hands callused from hard life, always walks the world with an open heart to new challenges and new dreams.

Living to realize their dreams, and the pursuit of their ideals.

With twenty years of experience in small, medium and large companies, among them some multinationals, led her to discover that the motivating factor of a career is the fuel of personal satisfaction and more important. A deep passion for everything he does.

This passion led her to found a company where values such as interpersonal communication and relationship, sensitivity and commitment, responsibility and dedication, freedom and authenticity are constantly shared and admired.

His business vision and logical reasoning and analytical make it handle balance and satisfaction with the problems and challenges that appear in your way.

Your personal commitment in relationships with people and his vast experience in the corporate environment has become Regina Vaz a successful career.

Ahead of great responsibility as CEO of See Brazil, which is part of the company as a shareholder since 1992.

In his lectures and training, can create an environment where people also fall in love for what they do. Values freedom and authenticity of its initiatives and believes in the power of commitment and responsibility of each to job performance.

Solid experience in human relationships as well as extensive field of motivational techniques. Skilled at winning people development.

Greater ease of interpersonal communication and team management.

Vision aggregator business-analytical and logical reasoning developed. Ability to work under pressure.

His academic training taught him to look at each person as unique, to develop sensitivity to capture the other moments of doubt and choice; reading in the surrounding environment, body posture different messages.

Your personal commitment in relationships with people and development work so pleasurable and responsible is the result of studies, specific readings, sense of observation, determination, ease of assimilation and adaptation to situations and environments.

An amazing woman, courageous, dignified career that developed, to be followed by those who dream big.

Behold, a young woman in the purposes and in the teachings mature, able to instill passion and motivation!

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