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Como criar equipes produtivas e motivadas!

People within the company are its greatest resource.
How to make them work together?

Encourage team work and keep it constantly stimulated in order to obtain improved quality, productivity and results is a new and exciting challenge always within companies.

The dynamic that is created in a group do not put this with the mere presence of its members. It establishes and develops with the dialogue between peers and differentiated with alternating roles between participants what time manifest, now fall silent, establishing opposing attendance and absences, silences and words, doubts and certainties, joys and conflicts. Every moment they are building a collective identity very peculiar, unmistakable and singularized the communication style adopted, the way to act in different situations, by tags and keywords that reflect the presence of other people in the crisscrossing stories and professionals.

We know that every human being has their own skills and abilities. It is vital that everyone within the team focus on the same goal, a situation where each reinforces the positives and soften the points to be improved and developed for self and other.

However, problems can arise and change, both within the team, and in its external environment, which can significantly affect their ability to perform and develop their potential and achieve the desired results.

Often, these problems grow because teams do not want to "waste time" resolving the conflicts that arise, one does not respect the way others think, it is not respected learning time, commitment and maturity of each participant.

In another meeting with no surprises, questions and discoveries. If we remember that every day we are different beings with emotions and experiences themselves, why wait if the other is always the same?

There's a first time for "oddities" little soft, ritualized by the initial contacts, the presence of the unknown, the confrontation of knowledge, values and beliefs that endanger the stability of what each thinks is or know. In this groping, searching up the same because the different hurts and bothers threat.

This movement brings embryonically fear to anxiety than before is not the same and lets see similarities, differences and experience to recognize what makes each one different from the other: while participating in the construction of a collective, the whole of which it is part, discovers be part of the group. In turn the companies with heterogeneous teams have the possibility of having more creative teams, with different ideas, with visions of opposite angles with possible solutions to the difficulties on various aspects.

This process is crucial and some participants are unable to produce it, and turn off or leave the group. There is a force that movement challenging: each member must keep alive the identity itself stories and simultaneously manage the discovery of restrictions and possibilities offers the group as well as to ensure their own limitations.

From here there is a movement synthesis incorporating the contributions that each person brings to the collective heading for the appropriation of group identity.

It's the trajectory for the conquest of group identity and autonomy.

The development of a structured team gives you opportunity, process, support and guidance to solve problems, new challenges, achieve goals and work in harmony.

However, unless the teams periodically review their daily activities, to reevaluate the way we are working together and where they are heading, you may: a decrease motivation; cohesion to wear; communications and relationships end; productivity fall, and the team lose sight of their goals and challenges.

In this context all staff to train to row in the same direction is critical

The collaboration increases. The infighting and territoriality decrease. Members of the teams are using their individual skills and different styles to complement each other, instead of creating conflicts.

High Self-Esteem, true differential performance!

If we feel really important, and competent ones, what can stop us?

None of us is as good as all of us together!

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